Philosopher Chef David Uygur Dishes on the Secrets of his Success

If you’ve been lucky enough to score a reservation at Lucia in the Bishop Arts District, you probably already know what a gem this place is. For those who haven’t already experienced it, Lucia is small (only 36 seats) and reservations are booked out months in advance because the food is so simple and lovely that it will transport you to a land far, far away. However, if you don’t have a reservation and you’re dying to check it out, you can try your luck at the four open seats inside at a counter (available on a first come basis) and there are a few non-reservation tables outside on the sidewalk that are used when the weather is nice.


Photo Credit: Lucia Dallas

Photo Credit: Lucia Dallas


I spoke with David Uygur to discuss his unique approach to Italian cuisine and his recent James Beard nomination. I asked chef Uygur to describe the food at Lucia and what they do that makes it so special. “I want to feel good about the food we prepare and where it comes from. Style wise, I really do like Italian food, it’s what I’m most interested in. But since we’re in North-East Texas, we work with ingredients that are local. The cuisine is completely influenced by what we have around us and what we have to work with. In that way, the food at Lucia is very Italian-American as far as processes and techniques. What we do here is our version of Italian food. It’s influenced by the food of Italy, in that it’s all about the raw product and respect for the ingredients. I get inspired by traveling and the changing of the seasons. I love when it starts getting warm out after a long winter and you get the first peas of the season, ramps and green garlic, it’s a celebration of the ingredients. We make everything from scratch in-house as much as possible. I taught myself how to make charcuterie, we make that in house, too. We make all of our own bread and pastas, we butcher a whole hog every two weeks. I take a lot of pride in doing things like that, it’s neat.”


Photo Credit: B&B Food Media

Photo Credit: B&B Food Media


I asked, now that people are becoming more educated about food, how do you think that has that changed the dining experience? Uygur – “I think it’s making things better, it always drove me nuts to see big restaurants with closed kitchens. It creates a disconnect between the kitchen and the dining room. People would look at the menu and talk to the waiter, order the food, they’d take the menus away and then the food just comes out like auto-mat. Ding! There it is, you know? The disconnect always drove me nuts. Back in the kitchen you could tell diners had no idea what it took to make that food be what it is. Today, I think people appreciate the fact that they can see the people who are preparing and actually tasting the food that’s being served. I stress to all of my cooks, they must taste the food. It’s good for people to see them eating it (not chowing down). But, people need to know that not only are you cooking it, you care about quality control. That’s crucial, it’s the only way it works. I like having that connection and for people to see how we do interesting things in the kitchen.”

David Uygur is no stranger to the James Beard House. He has been invited to cook there in the past, but this year was David’s first nomination for an award. I asked, it must feel really good to be recognized by JBF for your efforts. What a nice reflection of the attention to detail you place on every dish in your restaurant. What would it mean to you to earn such a prestigious award? Uygur was very modest and humble in his response and replied simply, “I don’t know. I mean, I think that all chefs are competitive, you know? It’s great to see new names from Dallas on the list too, I think it is a sign of how the Dallas food scene is evolving. But yeah. I would love to win a James Beard award, that would be a-w-e-s-o-m-e.”

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408 West Eighth St., Suite 101

Dallas, TX  75208

(214) 948-4998


Up Close and Personal with Matt McCallister

Some people are obsessed with sports. But if you’re like me, it’s all about food and for this food fanatic, the James Beard Foundation Awards are the “Super Bowl of Everything Food.” When it was announced that none of the JBF Semifinalist Chefs and other category nominees from “Team Dallas” made it to the final round, I was bummed to say the least. I reached out to Matt McCallister, David Ugyur and John Tesar recently to hear their thoughts on the Dallas shut out.  What they had to say may surprise you.


Photo Credit: B&B Food Media

I’ll never forget the first time I met Matt McCallister. He was packing up at the end of an event (not related to a restaurant). We had never met and I did not know who he was. I heard him say “I gotta hurry up and get home to butcher a goat.” I turned to him and implored, “Please tell me you’re a chef, and you are not involved some sort of satanic cult ritual or something.” He replied, waiving his hands emphatically, “Oh no, no, I’m a chef, I’m a chef!” – true story.

Matt has come a long way since he burst on to the Dallas dining scene a little more than four years ago during his first solo gig at Campo (formerly in Bishop Arts). He stands out because of his passion and eccentric creativity, starting with the seasonal ingredients he meticulously selects, sometimes foraging or even growing himself, peculiar protein choices, using cuts of meat often overlooked, right down to drawing out precisely how a dish should appear when plated.


Photo Credit: B&B Food Media

I asked McCallister about his recent JBF nod and the Dallas snub. Here’s what he had to say, “Its’ been a crazy year since opening FT33. I don’t know, its nice to get recognition, especially when you work 90-100 hours every week and you’re just trying to put out the best food you know how to. I’m blown away by all the accolades we’ve received. We’ve got a great team. I think Ugyer and Tesar are both doing really great things and it’s also nice to see so many friends I know across the country being nominated as well.”

Chef McCallister hosts Guest Chef Dinners at FT33 on the third Monday of each month, he recently hosted a dinner with JBF Finalist – Best Chef Southwest, Bryce Gilmore of Barley Swine (Austin). But never fear, coming up on June 16th he will host another with JBF Finalist – Best Chef Northeast, Matt Jennings of Farmstead (Rhode Island). Later this year on August 18th, you can also catch JBF Semifinalist – Best Chef Southwest, Seth Siegel-Gardner of Pass and Provisions (Houston).

Matt’s not too sad about the JBF shut out though, last week he was named Food & Wine’s Best New Chef of 2014, he went on to say, “Even though Dallas is out of JBF this year, it’s still great to see so many Texas and especially Dallas restaurants progressing really fast in the dining scene. I’d like to see less quantity of restaurants openings but an even higher caliber restaurants opening in Dallas to keep that going and evolving from here.”

NOTE: The video plays in Firefox and Internet Explorer, but if you use Chrome or Safari and receive an error code on the video, click here to view on YouTube:

1617 Hi Line Drive, Suite 250

Dallas, TX 75207

(214) 741-2629

Twitter: @FT33Dallas @ChefMattMcCallister


Win an Invite to the Friends & Family Preview of Kitchen LTO

The highly anticipated permanent pop-up restaurant, Kitchen LTO makes its’ debut this week. The construction dust has settled, the staff has been trained, chef Norman Grimm has developed the menu (below) and Coveal Studios has designed a stellar space for the launch of Kitchen LTO’s first concept. As though that wasn’t exciting enough news, owner, Casie Caldwell, announced today they will be giving away preview invitations through social media to a few lucky people to attend the Friends & Family Preview this Monday September 9th, and Tuesday 10th, where guests can nibble, nosh and savor to their heart’s content.

Here’s what you need to do for a chance to win:

  • Like “Kitchen LTO” on Facebook
  • Follow @KitchenLTO on Twitter
  • Comment or Tweet “I can’t wait for ________. #KLTOImHungry”

The winners will be selected from the categories above, you’ll automatically be entered, (one chance for each new Like or Follow). If you’ve already done that, just tweet or comment about what you can’t wait to see from Kitchen LTO using #KLTOImHungry. You may tweet and comment as many times as you like, each counts for EVEN MORE chances for you to win. Kitchen LTO will announce each winners via social media. Stay tuned to see if you win.

Kitchen LTO’s Dinner Menu

This is a promotional post, written by Bev Garvin for on behalf of my client, Kitchen LTO, photo credit: Claire McCormack.


Chipotle Coupons Support the Dallas Farmers Market

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Get Free Produce at Dallas Farmers Market this Weekend

JT Lemley, Lemley's Produce, Certified Organic, Local Farmer, Shed 1, Dallas Farmers Market

JT Lemley’s Produce (Shed 1 Dallas Farmer’s Market) has sold his locally grown goods at the farmers’ market since 1976!

Chipotle Mexican Grill is celebrating National Farmers Market Week by giving away $10 currency tokens at the Dallas Farmers Market! Get yours this weekend (August 10th – 11th) when you  stop by the Chipotle tent at the Dallas Farmers Market. Redeem your $10 currency token that day from farmers at the market for free produce of your choice. Tokens will be given away to the first 250 market-goers who stop by the Chipotle tent until noon each day, while supplies last.  Once redeemed, Farmers will receive back the full cash value of their collected tokens from Chipotle. This local farmers market initiative is part of Chipotle restaurants’ national campaign to donate $110,000 to 55 farmers markets across the country. The Chipotle tent won’t be serving food, but in addition to the $10 produce tokens, they will also be giving away recipe cards for classic menu items like its’ famous salsa and guacamole, “Grow Your Own” cilantro seed packets and a Chipotle coupon for a buy-one, get-one free (burrito, bowl, taco or salad entrée) menu items that can be redeemed at any area Chipotle location. What a great way support buying local, eating healthy and giving back to the community in a healthy way.



About Chipotle’s “Food with Integrity”

“For nearly two decades, Chipotle has been committed to bringing customers better food from more sustainable ingredients, and we believe that supporting local, family owned farms is an important part of this,” said Chris Arnold, communications director at Chipotle. “Local food not only tastes better, but is better for the environment and contributes to vibrant communities throughout rural America.” Through its’ vision of Food With Integrity, Chipotle is seeking better food from using ingredients that are not only fresh, but that—where possible—are sustainably grown and naturally raised with respect for the animals, the land, and the farmers who produce the food.

Mexican Grill is the largest national restaurant company to commit to organic, green earth-friendly practices. Today, Chipotle restaurants source 100% of their meat (pork, beef and chicken) from naturally raised animals that are raised humanely, in open environments, fed vegetarian diets and are never given hormones or antibiotics. Chipotle will soon offer Tofu to its menu, and its’ produce is from locally sourced (within 350 miles of the restaurant) certified organic farmers, whenever possible, and Chipotle has vowed to limit use of genetically modified ingredients “GMOs” or eliminate them wherever possible. Chipotle is also uses green practices in their operations like recycled napkins, and burrito bowls, aluminum and other eco-friendly initiatives. This video describes their culinary philosophy and how it supports these initiatives.


Dallas Trinity Groves Fork Fight Round 2 Recap

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And the Winner is…

“Foodie Couture” Chef Uno Immanivong of Chino Chinatown!

Last night’s Fork Fight at 3015 Trinity Groves was a fully packed house of almost 300 for this epic battle of delectable delights, as seasoned chef, Norman Grimm duked it out against Foodie Uno Immanivong to the bitter end. Here’s how it all went down.

Trinity Groves, Fork Fight, Kitchen LTO, Chino Chinatown, Celebrity Chef Competition,Dallas, TX

Course 1 – Winner Kitchen LTO

Kitchen LTO’s Crispy Yellowfin Tuna Tartare, Tamari Glaze, Asian Pear, Avocado & Fingerlimes

Chino Chinatown’s Banana Leaf, Duck Confit Tamale with Roasted Heirloom Tomato Salsa & Crispy Duck Chip

In this round, there was no match. Kitchen LTO won, hands down. The subtle lusciousness of the rare tuna made me wish I had more. The duck tamale had good flavor, but it was cold when served and was seasoned with five spice, which is not my favorite seasoning. Also, the sauce lacked the depth of flavor it needed and there was no crispy duck chip.

Course 2 – Winner Kitchen LTO

Kitchen LTO’s Sake Glazed Pork Belly, Pink Lady Apple Puree, Sunchoke with Herb Salad and an Intermezzo of Watermelon Mint Granite with Tequila Lime Essence

Chino Chinatown’s Butter Poached Lobster Spring Roll with Pineapple Habanero Dressing

The pork belly was my favorite dish of the night, it was moist, cooked to perfection, and paired nicely with the sweetness of the Pink Lady Apples. It was all I could do to keep from licking the sunchoke off the plate!

The spring roll was nice, light and playful with enoki mushrooms sprouting from the tops. I liked it, but there wasn’t much flavor. Mine had just a small bite of lobster, and it was slightly overcooked. I hoped the sauce had the potential to make this dish a game changer, but it fell short because there was not enough and it had only the sweetness of the pineapple with no habanero, or even a hint of spice to be found.

Course 3 – Winner Chino Chinatown

Trinity Groves Fork Fight Round 2

Kitchen LTO’s Braised Short Rib, Seasonal Vegetables with Braised Marble Potatoes

Chino Chinatown’s Braised Mexican Coke and Lemongrass Short Rib with Grilled Bok Choy and Latin Sticky Rice

Chef Norm’s short rib was good, but the meat had overcooked as it was held in the warming drawer waiting to be served, so it was leaning to the dry side.

Chef Uno’s short rib, on the other hand, was a beautiful presentation that literally fell off the bone and it tasted even better than it looked, in spite of the “invisible” sticky rice (which was invisible because the rice didn’t turn out so chef Uno 86’ed it from the course), this dish was a total knockout.

Course 4 – Tie

Kitchen LTO’s Creme Fraiche Sorbet, Balsamic Reduction, Strawberries and Cracked Black Pepper

Chino Chinatown’s Pina Colada Cake with Salted Coconut Rum Caramel

The sorbet, even as it quickly melted into a puddle on my plate, was a lovely palate cleanser, the sweetness was perfectly balanced by the balsamic which intensified the perfectly ripe strawberries with an ambrosial essence that finished with the light subtle creme.

The cake was good, too. The salted caramel played nicely off the delightful little coconut cake which was a tad on the dry side, but tasted divine and was garnished by a powerfully alcohol-infused cherry. I think if this dessert had incorporated a little more of the caramel sauce on the cake instead of just as a drizzle on the plate, it would have been sublime.

Both chefs fought a hard battle but in the end, the dinner guests cast their fork ballots (literally forks in a bucket) and Uno Immanivong was declared the winner, congratulations, chef Uno! Next week will bring a new battle with two more restaurants at 3015 at Trinity Groves.

One last word of advice, these events are a lot of fun, but they are open seating which can be a little crazy.  I recommend arriving early and grabbing your seat as soon as you get there. This way you can sit back, relax and have a really great experience with your friends. Or, better yet, get a group together and purchase a table that seats eight people. This way you’ll have a reserved seat and will get a break off the full ticket price, too.

Here’s how each Fork Fight will go down:

Each fight is $75 per person (or $500 for table that seats eight people) which includes cocktails, two appetizers, two salads, two entrees, and two desserts, one from each competitor.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m., when cocktails are served. The seated dinner begins promptly at 7:45 p.m.

Each week, the restaurants compete, a winner is chosen by the public and that restaurant moves on to the next round to face-off a different restaurant each week.

The Fork Fight full line-up is scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, July 10: Round 1 with SOUK vs. Casa Rubia Winner SOUK!
Thursday, July 18: Round 2 with Kitchen LTO vs. Chino Chinatown Winner Chino Chinatown!
Thursday, July 25: Round 3 with Amber Jax vs. Saint Rocco
Thursday, August 1: Round 4 with LUCK vs. Resto Gastro Bistro
Thursday, August 8: Round 5 with winners of Round 1 – SOUK vs. Chino Chinatown 2
Thursday, August 15: Round 6 with winners of Round 3 vs. Round 4
Thursday, August 22: Round 7 with winners of Round 5 vs. Round 6
Thursday, August 29: Final round with Sharon Van Meter vs. winner of Round 7

You can purchase tickets at “Fork Fight” or just click the link.


Dallas Trinity Groves Fork Fight

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The Trinity Groves Fork Fight Competition is Heating Up

If you haven’t ventured over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge yet, you now have a really good reason to do it! In September, about a dozen new shops and restaurants will begin opening as they make their debut in Phil Romano and company’s commercial real estate/restaurant incubator venture project.

Between now and then, to give the hungry public a taste of what’s to come, Trinity Groves has cooked up a bracket-style competition where eight new restaurants will compete against each other and the guests get to decide who wins by voting with their forks! The winning restaurant will face-off in Round 8 against culinary godmother, Chef Sharon Van Meter, owner of 3015 at Trinity Groves event space (where the events are being held) for the finale on August 29th.

This is your opportunity to be the first to see what each new restaurant will soon have to offer early this Fall. The first round was held on July 10th and ended with, Souk narrowly beating rival Casa Rubio.

Dallas Trinity Groves Fork Fight Competition Kitchen LTO vs Chino Chinatown July 18, 2013

On Thursday, July 18th, the 3015 at Trinity Groves event space will heat up again as Round 2 of Fork Fight kicks off. This time, Kitchen LTO’s first chef, Norman Grimm, will compete against Uno Immanivong of Chino Chinatown.  You may recognize Uno from ABC’s chef/reality competition The Taste, where she was mentored by Anthony Bourdain.  It should be an interesting battle, given Norman Grimm has worked under and was mentored by another famous chef, Traci Des Jardins of Jardinière, a French influenced California fine-dining restaurant and the highly regarded chef, Sharon Hage, formerly of York Street in Dallas, TX.

Casie Caldwell, Owner of Kitchen LTO, is so excited about the competition next week that she even wrote a song called “Goin’ Down to the Fork Fight” that is featured in this smack talk video:

In response to Kitchen LTO’s video, Uno Imannivong of Chino Chinatown released this video from her “publicist,” a.k.a. her adorable daughter, Emma:

Here’s how each Fork Fight will go down:

Each fight is $75 which includes cocktails, two appetizers, two salads, two entrees, and two desserts, one from each competitor. You will not leave hungry!

Each Fork Fight will be is a seated dinner with four courses from each chef (eight courses total), an open bar (cocktails and wine) and all service and gratuities are included for just $75/person or $500 for table that seats eight people!

Doors open at 7:00 p.m., when cocktails are served. The seated dinner begins promptly at 7:45 p.m.

Each week, the restaurants compete, a winner is chosen by the public and that restaurant moves on to the next round to face-off a different restaurant each week.

The Fork Fight full line-up is scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, July 10: Round 1 with SOUK vs. Casa Rubia Winner SOUK!
Thursday, July 18: Round 2 with Kitchen LTO vs. Chino Chinatown
Thursday, July 25: Round 3 with Amber Jax vs. Saint Rocco
Thursday, August 1: Round 4 with LUCK vs. Resto Gastro Bistro
Thursday, August 8: Round 5 with winners of Round 1 – SOUK and Round 2
Thursday, August 15: Round 6 with winners of Round 3 and Round 4
Thursday, August 22: Round 7 with winners of Round 5 and Round 6
Thursday, August 29: Final round with Sharon Van Meter vs. winner of Round 7

You can purchase tickets at “Fork Fight” or just click the image above and it will take you to the ticket page.


See Paula Deen in Dallas

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As the Butter Churns

Paula Deen Gets a Texas Welcome from Mayor Tom Leppart with custom Stetsons for her, her husband Michael and even her dog.


Paula Deen continues to experience serious financial fall out after admitting she used racial slurs in her deposition statement given in a lawsuit filed against Paula Deen Enterprises by a former employee. On Friday, her publisher, Ballantine Books (a Random House company), announced that it, too, has withdrawn from their relationship. Ballantine Books will not publish Deen’s new book titled, Paula Deen’s New Testament, All Lightened Up, nor will it publish the four other books she was contracted to write. This was shocking news, considering the book was ranked #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller List based on overwhelming pre-sales of the book, scheduled to be released on October 15th.

Ballantine Books joins the growing list of companies that have severed relationships with the estimated 100-million dollar Paula Deen food merchandising empire, including the Food Network, Smithfield hams, the Novo Nordisk diabetes drug company. Restaurant partner, Caesars Entertainment, announced it will remove Paula Deen’s name and rebrand the restaurants it owns in several states. And major retail partners selling Deen-branded merchandise will be phasing out remaining inventory from food products, cookware, and health and wellness products, to various home and decorative products sold at Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, J.C. Penney Co., Sears and Home Depot. QVC also announced that it will “take a pause” from working with the southern cook.

UPDATE: 7/4/13 – The Food Network announced that Barry Weiner, Paula Deen’s long time agent, will no longer represent Ms. Deen, raising further speculation that, perhaps there is more to this than a single instance of using a racial slur.

Paula Deen to Appear in Dallas this September

However, never fear Paula Deen fans, The Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, coming to the Dallas Convention Center September 21-22, 2013, has said it plans to continue with Paula Deen as the headline presenter for the show, and issued this statement on their website:

“Paula Deen has been a friend of The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show for many years. She has apologized and we are taking her apology at her word and moving forward accordingly. MetroCooking does not condone or believe in the use of derogatory slurs by anyone. This is a nation of forgiveness and second chances. In that spirit we intend to go forward with the MetroCooking Shows in Houston, Dallas and Washington, DC as planned with Paula as a presenter. At this time we have no plans to do otherwise.”

Tickets to attend the show to see Paula Deen range from $65 for a one-day general admission ticket, $95 for reserved seating, $140 for a photo-op including brunch, up to a $400 VIP experience including the brunch, photo-op, reserved seating, an apron, access to the VIP Chill Lounge and an autographed copy of “Southern Cooking Bible” (released Oct 2011).

You can purchase tickets to see Paula Deen in Dallas here.

Other ticket options and information can be found on their website at


Honey Bee School is now in Session

I don’t normally write about deals I find on the internet, but this offer from Amazon Local is WAY too cool to not share!

Round Rock Honey, in Round Rock, Texas is offering a bee keeping classes in a few cities including “Dallas,” (actually in Copper Canyon, TX just North/West of Lewisville).

bee, bees, honey bee, honey bees, round rock honey, bee hive, bee hives, bee pollen, bee supplies, bee keeping, beekeeping, beekeep, beekeeper, beekeeping school, organic honey, raw honey, honey bee hive, bee hive,

Did you know that, Round Rock Honey company operates one of the largest bee keeping schools in the U.S.? For those interested in learning about bees and the art of harvesting honey, Round Rock Honey offers classes via its Beekeeping Academy. Led by Round Rock Honey owner Konrad Bouffard and his team of expert beekeepers, each students is given an opportunity to “suit up” and learn the finer points of organic beekeeping. Classes are available year-round in Texas (Round Rock, Dallas, Houston and Waco), as well as California (San Francisco, Redwood City and San Diego), and Madison, WI.

Below is a link for you to purchase your tickets to bee keeping school. Whether you’re just curious to learn more about these fascinating creatures or, perhaps, if you’re so inclined to think you may want to build a honey bee feeder of your own, this is a great place to go for information. Tickets are normal $125/per person but are only $45 with the promotion below with options for two or three people as well. This deal will be offered by Amazon Local through tomorrow, June 11th, so get it now if you’re interested!

The bee keepers at Round Rock Honey (just outside Austin, TX), are obsessed with the engineering prowess of honeybees. They do their best to mimic the bees’ magnificent process as they strive to produce a superior honey. Their honeybees collect nectar from over 90 different sites in order to capture the vast array of pollens in all of the Central Texas “microclimates”. Before bottling Round Rock Honey they don’t heat or filter the honey, instead they harvest the hives then separate the honey by centrifuge at room temperature to preserve all the natural enzymes, pollen and floral essences the honeybees put into it, creating the highest quality flavor. They test their honey with three different independent labs several times each year to ensure pollutants never find their way into your favorite natural sweetener. In layman’s terms, Round Rock honey is 100% pure and raw Texas honey.

Three-Hour Beekeeping Class for One, Two, or Three People

Round Rock Honey
Sold by Round Rock Honey
The Details

You may be busy as a bee, but we hope you slow down and enjoy this sweet deal from Round Rock Honey. Whether you think donning a full bee suit or coming face to face with 60,000 bees is cooler, this class introduces you to both, along with a plethora of beekeeping-related information.

  • $45 ($125 value) for a three-hour beekeeping class for one
  • $79 ($250 value) for a three-hour beekeeping class for two
  • $129 ($375 value) for a three-hour beekeeping class for three
  • Gain hands-on experience at an apiary, including honey extraction and honey tasting
  • Instructors are known for their commitment to teaching organic beekeeping and safety
What You Need to Know
  • Limit 10 vouchers per purchaser; additional 10 vouchers may be sent as gifts
  • Single option: limit 1 per person per visit
  • 2-person option: limit 1 per pair per visit
  • 3-person option: limit 1 per group per visit
  • Entire value per voucher must be used in a single visit
  • Appointments are required and subject to availability
  • Merchant cancellation/re-scheduling policy of 24 hours applies; voucher subject to forfeiture
  • Must be 7+ to redeem
  • Signed waiver required prior to redemption
  • Location, date, and time of class will be sent upon redemption of voucher; email merchant at for details
  • Available for use beginning the day after purchase

Millions Against Monsanto

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Dallas March Against Monsanto GMOs

Millions Against Monsanto Global March, Dallas, TX, Dallas City Hall, Downtown Dallas, Just Say No to GMO,


On Saturday, May 25th, people all over the world participated in an international protest movement called the “March Against Monsanto” also referred to as “Millions Against Monsanto.” The Dallas march started at 1:00 p.m. at Dallas City Hall and traveled eastbound to the Dallas Farmer’s Market, then returned back to Dallas City Hall. Marches were held on the same day all over the world, spanning six continents and 33 countries, with thousands of events taking place, including marches held in most every major city in the United States, which were all synchronized to begin at 11:00 Pacific Time.

Millions Against Monsanto, Dallas City Hall, Dallas, TX, #MAM

“If the FDA/EPA only had a brain – March Against Monsanto”

The purpose of the march was to raise awareness about Monsanto company and the dangers of genetically modified organisms, “GMOs,” to make government officials aware that there are a growing number of people who do not support Monsanto and who want GMO ingredients to be labeled on food packaging, and to shed light on the global impact GMO food production has on our health and the environment.

This was the first time I have ever participated in a “march,” and it was quite an experience. There were families and people from all ages, races, cultures, creeds, walks of life, some on bikes and even a few in wheelchairs, representing a variety of political views. It was incredible to see the diversity of people who came out and how they expressed their passionate opinions, during this peaceful protest demonstration by dressing up in costumes, waving signs and chanting things like “People have a right to know. Just say no to GMO.” Patrick Stark, chef of Sundown at the Granada, was there sporting a mohawk, and dressed as the grim-reaper. Chef Stark has also vowed to convert Sundown at the Granada to be a 100% GMO-free restaurant, the first restaurant in Dallas to offer a GMO-free menu to further support his commitment to this important issue.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Dallas Cinco de Mayo 2013, Cinco in the City, Dallas Official Cinco de Mayo Block Party

Looking for something fun to do in Dallas this weekend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Well you’re in luck because here’s the scoop:

Dos Equis, Red Bull, and are teaming up with the Infinite Agency to host the most epic Cinco De Mayo party you’ll go to this year! Cinco In the City Block Party – The Official Fiesta of Dallas starts at 2:00 pm Saturday, May 4th, and goes till midnight Sunday, May 5th.

The shindig will go down in none other than the parking lot of the Downtown Dallas El Fenix. The fiesta starts at 2:00pm and the bands go on from 6:00 pm -10:00 pm. Come out, or you’ll be regretting waiting three hours for those “free” margaritas around town. Why wait until the 5th, when you can listen to music, chow down, and drink-up wearing cheap sombreros and fake mustaches a day early? The official sponsor is Dos Equis, which there will be plenty of to drink.

About El Fenix: El Fenix was founded in 1918 by Mike Martinez, El Fenix is known for its brand of Tex-Mex cuisine, and has been a Dallas staple for almost 100 years.

You can RSVP to the event on Facebook at:

Official Twitter Hashtag: #CincoInTheCity